It is always a good idea to explain to our readers what our scoring system means. I say this because a score from 1 to 10 can mean different things to different people so a good way to explain our system is to break it down into what we consider each point to represent.

10/10 – You must get this game and play it! Love it! Maybe even marry it!

9/10 – I wouldn’t say marry this game but it is a great game and a  must play!

8/10 – Still a great game that you need to play! This game may not be for everyone but it is a great game!

7/10 – An above average game, it has it’s issues but still a fun game to play!

6/10 – We start climbing down the stairs of stench, this is still an OK game but it has issues like repetitiveness or controls that make you smash your head against the wall.

5/10 – This game is middle of the road. It is mediocre at best and we would only recommend it to people that are fans of the genre or series.

4/10 – This is where the bugs start to come into play. Super hardcore fans should only play this and even those fans would be disappointed.

3/10 – The game is a buggy mess, still playable but no one will enjoy it!

2/10 – You would be insane to even THINK about purchasing this game, it is bad in all walks of life and shouldn’t have even been made.

1/10 – Game breaking bugs and the developers gave up and just needed to push something out, to bad what they pushed out was a big pile of crap!