The Year Games Messed With My Emotions

It is very seldom that I find myself having to wipe my eyes at the end of a video game.  Shooter, RPG, Open World, Action/Adventure, and Simulator; all genres that I enjoy, yet rarely is the emotional impact of a game so great that I am moved to crying, either from joy or sadness.

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The Evil Within Presentation From Quakecon 2013

About Retro Gaming

The games are wonderful editions to the Zelda universe and great games to add to a 3DS library.

What’s New in Retro Gaming

Where no definite information has been confirmed that one is technically before the other,  it’s recommended that players start with Oracle of Ages,  which focuses on learning the game and puzzles.  Oracle of Seasons focuses more on action and combat and will pit the player against tougher enemies earlier in the game as opposed to Ages.

Oracle of Ages and Seasons both have a similar story.  Link is transported to a specific place,  meets a character that immediately gets kidnapped by the local bad guy.  Even though the games are separate,  they do link together .  Just like on the Gameboy,  the games are linked together if players own both games through the 3DS.The graphics are still the same as on the original,  but it still translates well.  The games are $6 each,  a steal for a golden oldie.

Review in Gamer Chatter

In the gaming universe, one of the most often heard complaints is the opinion that there are no new ideas for games anymore.

Strider Review

Strider was first brought to my attention through the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. He was a different character than I was used to from seeing in Capcom games, and he really grabbed my attention. I didn’t think much of him […]

FIFA 14 Review

As an Englishman there is one game that I will buy every single year one game which regardless of the small amounts of updates it may have received since the previous version I will have pre-ordered for months in advance. […]

NHL14 Review

It’s that time of year again hockey fans.  Time to get your skates sharpened, your sticks taped and time to put the biscuit in the basket.  EA Sports’ latest iteration of the fastest game on ice attempts to break away […]

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