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Forest Warrior Review


Picture it: You’re living your life as a mild mannered woodsman; chopping down trees and living off the land. Suddenly, evil rises from the ground. Zombies are everywhere! What’s a lonely woodsman to do? You pick up your axe to...


Chroma Squad Review


Growing up, weekends always had the best cartoons. I would wake up early and sit in front of the TV to watch my favorite show: Power Rangers. Being able to see a bunch of teenage superheroes defeat some big scary...


Elite Dangerous Review- For Once Kid, Tell me the Odds


That’s something that Elite: Dangerous does exceptionally well, let you know exactly how infinitesimal  you are. The game lets players know immediately how big the world its created is. Ship commanders shouldn’t see this as a hindrance, more a push to dive in. It should...


Brawl Review


If you haven’t already, please take a moment to watch the Brawl Trailer above.  Brawl is a reimagined version of Basement Crawl, the game that launched with a host of issues.  The people at Bloober Team have taken the original game...


Paperbound Review


Paperbound is a 4 player brawler developed by the new studio Dissident Logic. While most fighting games take a side view, this game is a top down brawler. The new view also brings a set of new mechanics that need...