The podcasts host Juan Carlos along with Paul Brown and Chris Jones talk about gaming and focus on gaming culture while the discussions sometimes go off center, the gang always brings it back and have a good time doing so. With 66 episodes under their belt, Gamer Chatter also hosts community game nights, gaming leagues, and great gaming discussions. They are gamers who want to be a community that focus’ on playing together. Their biggest strength is that we focus on the community aspect and even invite listeners to be on the show once in a while. 

Juan is what you would call a hardcore gamer, spending all of his free time on either the PlayStation 4 or Computer. Juan started gaming at a very young age when he got his first console being an Atari 2600. Ever since then he has owned every major console released and is a fan boy of Sony. Juan’s favorite genres are FPS, RPG, and Platforming games. Some of Juan’s favorite games are Ratchet and Clank (Series), Tekken, Ni No Kuni and of course Final Fantasy (series)

Paul started his gaming career fairly early in life with the first Magnavox home console with Pong.  He continued his journey of gaming through the Texas Instuments TI-99/4A and Commodore 64, where programming became just as important as playing games.  The first console he had his hands on was the SNES, then the original PlayStation was released and it was a long lasting love affair with everything Sony.  Paul has a strong background in the media arts, from physical Print to Television Production which he uses to enhance the Gamer Chatter site and Podcast.  Favorite Genres of games are Simulation type games, i.e. Planes, Trains & Automobiles as growing up in Detroit, MI the auto industry had a strong influence on his early years along with some start in auto racing and anything that takes forever to play, Physic based games as these offer challenges that have him scratching his head, working with 3D editing programs and having fun with audio clips.  He also enjoys watching television, spending time with family and just getting lost in his new home in Georgia where the roads and history of the state offer many fascinating destinations to explore.  Podcasting is his latest entry into a media-centric hobby.

Chris has been a gamer from an early age Went from Spectrum to Amiga through Playstations catching some PC gaming along the way. He is a Big F1 and Wrestling fan and likes a lot of standup along the way. He is also on FB and twitter far too much. Liking this podcasting lark after helping out on streams on back in the early 00’s

David is a senior Game Development major at Ohio University. He normally tries to find a little bit of time every day for games. He is always looking for new challenges from any gamer out there.