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Elite Dangerous Review- For Once Kid, Tell me the Odds


That’s something that Elite: Dangerous does exceptionally well, let you know exactly how infinitesimal  you are. The game lets players know immediately how big the world its created is. Ship commanders shouldn’t see this as a hindrance, more a push to dive in. It should...


We Were Misled Into Driveclub


Yes, that may have seemed like click bait, but it basically sums up how I feel about Driveclub. Driveclub was announced at Sony’s PS4 launch debut in February of 2013.  They had BIG promises for this game, I’ve highlighted my main...


BioWare Teases New IP


“You’ve Been Chosen.” This is our tag line for BioWare’s new IP now in development.  It seems that the developer of AAA titles Dragon Age and Mass Effect is entering the realms of horror and the paranormal in their new “nightmare” project....


Rage On – Digital Game Delays


A comment was posted on our Facebook page yesterday about MLB 14 The Show not being available when Sony said it would. The game was supposed to be available at 12:01 a.m. and at the time of the post later...


Fighting Games: Looking Through Black Eyes

Fighting featured

  From Trainee to Champion: A Reason to Fight Picture it: You look at health bars, it’s getting close. You’ve used every combination you can think of and drained your special meter. Your character is neck and neck with the...