Podcast: Episode 10 – Naming Our Electronic Devices
This week we get to your awesome emails, the community question which was Pick 3 games from your collection, you have to play one for the rest of your life, Break one, and Trade one. Our general chatter and we find out what is grinding Tim’s gears this week.

Podcast: Episode 9 – Turning 21
This week Tim and Edward find out they are horrible singers…. Amy turns 21!!!! Happy Birthday Amy! Amy does the news, we have our normal chatter, what we’re playing, and our community question “What was your favorite childhood video game.

Podcast: Episode 8 – Backloggin
This week we give you awesome news! Talk about our community question, What game in your backlog do you wish you had finished? Also go on about what we played, new game releases this week, general chatter, Zen Pinball 2 league 3, and whatever else strikes us fancy!

Podcast: Episode 7 – Back with a Vengeance
This week we discuss the Sony PS4 event, Bungie’s Destiny Reveal, LittleBig Planet Karting DLC cross compatibility, Sound Shapes, Press Layoffs. What new games are being released this week. Ed has some drinks with him this evening and needs a good recommendation of a RPG to play.

Podcast: Episode 6 – Shooting NERF Guns with Girly Hands
This week we have some news, Comments on our Forums going Live, PS4 Speculation, Talk about Aliens: Colonial Marines, Best/Worst Gaming moment of the week, We answer and read the community question, Next weeks ommunity Question, What we are playing, emails and shoutouts. We had fun taping this episode, so we hope you enjoy .

Podcast: Episode 5 – Snowed In…
This week we discuss (sort of) the DICE awards, What we are playing, Gaming moments of the week, our community question and generally have fun what we are doing. Podcast:

Podcast: Episode 4 – Community Evolved
This weeks episode sees the return of our original open, as voted on by the Gamer Chatter Community. We discuss Sony’s Februray 20th announcment. Amy does the news, too. We answer the Community Question of ‘What Games have you gotten emotionally attached to.
Podcast: Episode 3 – Target
This weeks episode we have an interesting Intro, What we are playing, News Items, Our Question of the Week, Amy comes to us from a cave (she has an echo) and talks about League of Legends, Tim drinks coffee (lots), Edward tells us about the WiiU, MechWarrior Online.

Podcast: Episode 2 – Carrying on
Episode 2 is now LIVE** Carrying On As Usual This week we actually have a news segment, Ed’s “What Grinds My Gears” Segment, What Games are good for Amy to play, Shoutouts and what we are playing. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Podcast:

Podcast: Episode 1 – Introductions
Episode 1 is now LIVE *** Welcome to Episode 1. We are not without our issues, but we will be resolving them as we go about doing this. Thanks for your patience and your support.