Looking Back: The Original Final Fantasy
We live in exciting and yet unstable times when it comes to the Video Game industry nowadays. Publishers filing for bankruptcy. Others are being labeled as “Evil”. Meanwhile, we are still given our fair share of amazing and influential experiences. Not to mention that we’re (FINALLY) looking forward to the “new” Next-Gen after the longest .

Reward Customers, Don’t Punish Them
Three simple letters are one of the most feared acronym in gaming. DRM or Digital Rights Management for some people is enough for them to avoid a game when they know a game has it. Is it all that bad?

Stories In Fighting Games Or Lack Thereof
Fighting games have been popular ever since the early nineties when Street Fighter 2 came on the scene. I’ve been a fan of fighting games since an early age. I wouldn’t consider myself a great player of fighting games; I generally get killed pretty quickly.

The Fragmentation Of The PSN
Something you start to notice when you follow the game releases from both North America and Europe is the certain discrepancies between the two main regions. Some games may take a little long to get across the Atlantic. Such as Dyad or Retro City Rampage the latter only came out this Wednesday.

Fans May Cry
Recently I saw a lot of backlash to the recent version of Devil May Cry or DMC as it calls itself. Why are fans so much against the change of this series? Well we as humans like familiarity, we sometimes don’t deal well with change, Just look at your friend’s status updates on Facebook any time they.

A Personal Take On Gaming
Gaming. Such a simple word isn’t it? The word alone sends a tingle down your body as it resonates within us. To most people, it is in fact, just another simple word they may hear. To Gamers, like myself, the word “Gaming” means so much more to us.