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Far Cry 4: Dear Diary Edition

I will be adding to this post as I continue to play the game.  Keep in mind ***THERE WILL BE SPOILERS***.  Also, I take my time mostly, so I will probably be behind most of you, but yes, spoilers in coming too…

Day 1

Dear Diary,
Today I witnessed multiple murders, some psycho dude and managed to stealth kill every one trying to kill me and collect some good loot in the first 30 minutes. I’ve decided that dumping the bodies in the river is probably a good idea.

Man, this country is beautiful

Until next time Diary,

Day 4/5?

Dear Diary,

Wow, it’s been 4 or 5 days since I last had the chance to write something.  But A Lot has happened in those days…Seems like sometimes they just go by, it’s daytime one minute and the next it’s the middle of the night.  Well, I met Amita and Sabal, there is some serious tension between these two, he wants to kill things, she wants to win the war of intelligence.  Oh, did I forget to mention that MY DAD somehow started all this after the Royal Family was killed?  And to come to find out DAD was Murdered? Mom NEVER mentioned anything about my dad.  Then this guy Pagan is now running the country and I’m all about shootin’ shit.  So, I found this little hideaway temple in the picture I’ve attached here [above], it was quaint and serene.  I’m getting better at killing guys though…seems like it is second nature, guess all those video games pays off…Still just trying to get to spread Mom’s ashes in Kyrat, Sabal says it is still dangerous to head north, so we shall see…I did do some hunting with this awesome bow I bought.  Killed a Clouded Leopard with an arrow to the Face! Win!   Fished for some Demon Fish too, those things are scary scary…also, did some swimming, found an old plane wreck in the water…

Somehow I need to take over another radio tower, those bitches are dangerous…you can hear them creak and move while your trying to climb them…I need sleep now, so I will continue this the next time I make it back to my bed.

Good Night Diary,

Ajah Ghale