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What’s New in Retro Gaming – House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return

The House of the Dead games were developed by Sega, and were originally light gun arcade games. Players use a gun controller and actively shoot to kill zombie foes. Agents Rogan and “G” are after scientist Dr. Curien: a man whose experiments are creating hellish creatures. It’s their job to defeat them.This compilation of games were ported to the PlayStation 3 (using the Move software) and to the Nintendo Wii. The game keeps its arcade style of gameplay: shooter with “on-rails” movement. Players will only control the shooting, and have the occasional choice on which direction to go. Depending on how players shoot and play, the game will take them on a couple of different routes through each level. The game also includes a couple of different modes not included in the original games. House of the Dead 2 features a Boss Fight mode, which will pit players against all the hellish bosses the game has to offer. It also has a training mode, a set of mini games that will help players get used to the game controls. House of the Dead 3 has the original game, a time attack mode, and “extreme” mode (tougher enemies and a smaller blast radius for the gun). Weapons can also be used as melee weapons, which can also block enemy attacks.

With the Wii having a lot of trouble with interfacing and having the systems recognize the movements of the Wii controller, this game has been praised on it’s quick and accurate response. It was also claimed to be one of the best ports that the system has to offer. The game is great fun, and also rather challenging. It can be played either solo or with a partner. So grab a buddy and get shooting! Can you survive the House of the Dead?