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What’s New in Retro Gaming – Legend of Zelda Oracle or Ages and Seasons

Both games were originally developed for Gameboy Color.  They were released around the same time.  Where no definite information has been confirmed that one is technically before the other,  it’s recommended that players start with Oracle of Ages,  which focuses on learning the game and puzzles.  Oracle of Seasons focuses more on action and combat and will pit the player against tougher enemies earlier in the game as opposed to Ages.Oracle of Ages and Seasons both have a similar story.  Link is transported to a specific place,  meets a character that immediately gets kidnapped by the local bad guy.  Even though the games are separate,  they do link together (ha ha).  Just like on the Gameboy,  the games are linked together if players own both games through the 3DS.  Owning both not only allows players to find the combined ending,  but also adds some new items that you can only get by playing it through the 3DS.These games were extremely successful and still play wonderfully on the newer mobile consoles.  The games are wonderful editions to the Zelda universe,  and great games to add to a 3DS library.  The graphics are still the same as on the original,  but it still translates well.  The games are $6 each,  a steal for a golden oldie.