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What’s New in Retro Gaming – The Sly Collection

The games were originally developed by Sucker Punch Productions on the PS2. A new company, Sanzaru games, requested permission to carry on the series when Sucker Punch wanted to focus on the inFAMOUS series. Sanzaru started on a demo on what would be Sly Cooper: Thieves in time and presented it to ask for permission. As a way to test them, Sucker Punch told them to remake the original three for a PS3 release first. The rest is history, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is out and available for all fans of the series.In the collection, the graphics got updated to the new resolution for the PS3 running at 60 frames per second. This collection also has 3D compatibility, but runs at a slower frame rate in 3D mode. Some of the new features include a trophy set for all three games, along with a new set of mini games inspired by the the Sly Cooper style. These mini games have their own trophies as well, and are PlayStation Move compatible. Up to four players can play the mini games, giving a little bit of party action to the Sly Cooper series.

For those who haven’t played these games, The Sly Collection focuses on Sly Cooper, a raccoon thief. Murray and Bently are Sly’s childhood friends and partners. Bently is the cool and calculating computer hacker, and Murray is the muscle of the operations. Together, they steal treasures from around the world. It follows their story through fighting other criminals and escaping the police, mostly inspector Carmelita Fox.

Many game collections fall prey to not holding their worth on the new systems, but The Sly Collection is one of those that keeps it’s fun through the ages. With smooth graphics, fun characters, and a good story through all the games, Sly Cooper will definitely be one of the shining glories of the PlayStation franchises.