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Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD Vita Review

When it comes to Oddworld there are really very few games that compare to it in terms of style. They’re in a league of their own. Stranger’s Wrath was originally released on the Xbox in 2005.

Stranger’s Wrath is the fourth Oddworld game and is a major departure from the previous games. It is a first person shooter / third person platformer hybrid, which when you read it like that it really sounds like ice cream on pizza but I assure you that it works.

You take the role of Stranger, a bounty hunter who needs a lot of moolah (The name for money in Oddworld) for a mysterious operation. To get the money for his operation Stranger has to track a variety of bad guys. I’d like to tell you more about the story but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Each time Stranger accepts to track down a bounty you must fight through a lot of their minions before reaching the boss, these bosses are lot more difficult to take down especially if you only want to stun them.

Stranger carries around a crossbow to catch his enemies but rather than the conventional arrows he instead opts to use live critters, each with their own abilities. Such as the Chippunk, a squirrel like creature that lures enemies to his position or perhaps you would be more partial to the Boombat, which the name really gives away what he does. He is a bat and he goes boom. Though you will want to be careful with that one as enemies are worth a lot more to you alive than dead. To capture, all you have to do is incapacitate or kill an enemy and suck them up with his gloves somehow containing and shrinking his bounty.