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By Shaun Giddings On 14 Mar, 2014 At 04:07 PM | Categorized As News, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Videos, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

Bioware has released a trailer for their upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The trailer highlights some of the sights and environments we will get to explore in the third installment of the Dragon Age series.  This trailer shows some great environments and while I was excited before (Spoiler: I love Dragon Age), I am definitely […]

By Heather Scribner On 27 Jan, 2014 At 06:26 PM | Categorized As News, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

Big news in the gaming world today!  Just this morning, Microsoft announced that it has acquired the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games.  Future titles will now be taken over by Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  This means that all forthcoming titles from the series will be exclusive to the […]


Coming straight from New York Comic Con is the announcement of a Doctor Strange table for Zen Studios Marvel Pinball. Doctor Strange is described as, “A pinball table on a higher plane of occult forces in eternal conflict”. Alongside the master of mystic arts will be the beautiful Clea, and the faithful servant Wong, who […]

By Karl Palmer On 19 Jul, 2013 At 08:52 AM | Categorized As News, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

When Respawn Entertainment announced their mech based first person shooter Titanfall at E3 this year, they did so to mass adulation and many an envious glance from Sony fans.  The game raked in over 60 E3 Awards and a record breaking six E3 Game Critics Awards, including the coveted Best of Show. Respawn Entertainment is the game development […]

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Deadpool is what awesome looks like, and I’m not just saying that because thats what the box says. I’m saying it because if I don’t Deadpool will come for me, and I really don’t want that. Really though the game is fantastic. It’s got everything the comics have, and more: swearing, blood, guts, gore, and […]

By Bailey Applegate On 12 Jun, 2013 At 08:00 AM | Categorized As Featured, PC, PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox, Xbox 360 | With No Comments
Star Trek

Star Trek could have been a great game; should have been a great game, but it falls short by a rather large margin.  The game feels like it’s missing, at the very least, a year of work.  The lack of polish makes the game feel like it’s half-finished.  All the core mechanics are there, as […]

By Giovanni Casiano On 30 May, 2013 At 03:07 PM | Categorized As News, PC, PlayStation 3, Videos, Xbox, Xbox 360 | With No Comments

Overkill has released a new trailer, seen below,  showing of some gameplay for their upcoming  Payday 2.  In the trailer you can see just how brutal the game’s heists can be, even when you think everything is going correctly. You can see video showing , blue prints of the bank they are about heist. An armed […]

By Giovanni Casiano On 20 May, 2013 At 02:59 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360 | With No Comments
batman arkham origins

The first official trailer for Batman Arkham Origins new development team that has taken over the Batman Arkham series,  Warner Bros. Games Monteral.  In the trailer below you see some epic fights between Batman and Deathstroke, also you see some other characters such as Black Mask and Deathshot. You can also see how great a […]

By Heather Scribner On 26 Mar, 2013 At 08:38 AM | Categorized As Featured, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 | With No Comments
remember me feature

I was more than happy to be able to play the demo of this game while at PAX East this past weekend.  New IPs have been increasingly difficult to come by these days.  While there are exceptions, the industry has bombarded us with sequels to just about everything under the sun.  Not that all of […]

By Troy Hina On 1 Mar, 2013 At 09:20 AM | Categorized As PC, Reviews | With 1 Comment

  Could a medieval combat game be Kickstarter’s shining champion?  On September 15, 2012, Chivalry Medieval Warfare was successfully funded on Kickstarter.  Torn Banner Studios’ October 16th 2012 commercial debut of Chivalry Medieval Warfare came 5 years after its predecessor Age of Chivalry leaving the Half Life 2 mod scene behind and catapulting itself into Steam’s […]