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By Edward Pol On 14 Apr, 2014 At 10:11 AM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

This week Tim has a working computer, William and Edward are so happy! Tim is exited Trials Fusion and can’t hide his excitement, Edward goes over his gaming rant blog that he posted on the site this week, and William is happy to have new glasses so he can maybe play games a bit better […]

By Edward Pol On 7 Apr, 2014 At 12:23 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Tim is back and Edward couldn’t be happier! Edward and Tim also have decided on a third seat for the show, even though it isn’t a female voice it is William Mackellar. William will be here for the long haul and he knows it. So now that everything is back to normal so is […]

By Edward Pol On 29 Mar, 2014 At 10:09 AM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Now Edward is like a lost doggy because Tim is gone this week also, but don’t fret Edward has Scott Ollek and William Mackellar with him again! The boys go over more Infamous: Second Son talk, Diablo 3, and more. A lot of juicy news this week for the boys to go over also. […]

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By Edward Pol On 22 Apr, 2013 At 08:41 AM | Categorized As Funnies | With No Comments

  Uhh he just ate the smokes….. GAG!

By Heather Scribner On 30 Mar, 2013 At 08:40 PM | Categorized As Blog, Featured | With 6 Comments

Not too long ago, Dontnod Entertainment was desperately looking for a publisher to distribute their upcoming video game Remember Me. A game that features a female memory hunter, who has had her memory stolen from her.  Much to their surprise, they were stonewalled by publisher after publisher. Why? “Well, we don’t want to publish it […]

By Edward Pol On 11 Mar, 2013 At 09:18 PM | Categorized As Podcast | With No Comments

This week Tim and Edward find out they are horrible singers…. Amy turns 21!!!! Happy Birthday Amy!  Amy does the news, we have our normal chatter, what we’re playing, and our community question “What was your favorite childhood video game?” A lot of great answers! Please enjoy another great podcast! Email us at Twitter: […]

By Bailey Applegate On 25 Jan, 2013 At 03:44 PM | Categorized As PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 | With No Comments

DmC is a great addition to the Devil May Cry series that does everything right.  Well almost.  The game is short,  and I do mean short.  Clocking in at under 12 hours it took me only a day to get through it the first time.  The replay value is fairly high though,  if only because […]

By Heather Scribner On 13 Jan, 2013 At 07:24 PM | Categorized As PS Vita, Reviews | With 9 Comments

While carrying the name “Ragnarok”, this odyssey is another opportunity for the franchise to explore a simpler world.  This time, on the Playstation Vita.  At first look, this Action RPG offers incredible potential, which is sorely needed on the PSVita.  What it comes down to, is plenty of character customization and an incredibly fast-paced melee […]

By Heather Scribner On 9 Jan, 2013 At 08:18 PM | Categorized As News | With No Comments

  Just a week ago, the members of SouthingtonSOS had announced that they would be holding a Violent Video Game Return Program. However, after a press conference held earlier this morning, they have decided to cancel the event. The controversial event (originally scheduled for this Saturday, Jan. 12) was primarily being held to encourage parents […]