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By Karl Palmer On 13 Dec, 2013 At 09:23 AM | Categorized As Featured, PlayStation, PS4, Reviews | With No Comments
KZ 1050 450

Since the launch of the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004 the series has been a staunch favorite with owners of Sony consoles,  with iterations spanning the PSP,  PS3 and Vita it was no surprise to learn we would be getting a Killzone title at the launch of the PlayStation 4.  With […]

By Bailey Applegate On 25 Jan, 2013 At 03:44 PM | Categorized As PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 | With No Comments

DmC is a great addition to the Devil May Cry series that does everything right.  Well almost.  The game is short,  and I do mean short.  Clocking in at under 12 hours it took me only a day to get through it the first time.  The replay value is fairly high though,  if only because […]

By timdog350 On 4 Jan, 2013 At 08:42 PM | Categorized As iOS, PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 | With No Comments

Every gamer has a game that started their love of the hobby.  For me, when I was in my early teens playing games on the Commodore 64 there was one game that was almost impossible to beat, Karateka.  Eventually I did finally finish the game and rescue Mariko, the protagonists true love.  This left an […]

By Timothy Lewis On 3 Jan, 2013 At 04:25 PM | Categorized As Blog, Reviews | With 2 Comments

  It is very seldom that I find myself having to wipe my eyes at the end of a video game.  Shooter, RPG, Open World, Action/Adventure, and Simulator; all genres that I enjoy, yet rarely is the emotional impact of a game so great that I am moved to crying, either from joy or sadness. […]

By Edward Pol On 28 Dec, 2012 At 07:42 PM | Categorized As Videos | With No Comments

Once we get situated keep an eye out for our awesome video reviews!!! Especially helpful for people like me who just don’t like to read! You can listen to me give you an awesome trustworthy review!

By Edward Pol On 28 Dec, 2012 At 07:48 PM | Categorized As News, Podcast | With 13 Comments

Hey everyone just to let you know the podcast will be up and running by the end of January! We are excited to provide you with awesome content and hours of enjoyment!

By Edward Pol On 27 Dec, 2012 At 07:23 PM | Categorized As News | With No Comments

Hello everyone, we are just getting our feet wet into the gaming news, reviews, and podcast world but we are looking for qualified writers and news posters to help with the site. We would love to have samples sent to us and see what your made of! Please email me and send a sample or […]