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Destiny Review – PlayStation 4


Destiny is Bungie’s first jump into the next generation of consoles with a multiplatform first person shooter. It was released on September 9th 2014 and it has mixed reactions and opinions throughout the gaming community. The game seemed like it...


Risk of Rain Review

Risk of Rain Featured

  The Steam Summer Sale has come and gone, and so has the money in our wallets.  Out of all the games I picked up during the sale Risk of Rain was the one that surprised me the most.  It...


The Last Of Us Review

Opening Thoughts: Everyone knows that as we near the end of any console cycle in preparation for the next generation of consoles, great games are all but naught.  Whether they are big or small, short or lengthy, massive or compelling...


Waking Mars review

  Opening Thoughts: Waking Mars came to me through the most recent humble bundle.  As another indie game,  it is different from other games out there.   I wasn’t sure what to think about the game,  thinking that it was just...