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By Edward Pol On 21 Apr, 2014 At 04:35 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Tim is ready for his awesome vacation and the other two boys are doing the same old thing. The gang goes over their time with Trials Fusion, Edward get’s hot and bothered for Hearthstone, and William is jut hot and bothered. William hits up some important news items that came out this week. Tim […]

By Edward Pol On 14 Apr, 2014 At 10:11 AM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

This week Tim has a working computer, William and Edward are so happy! Tim is exited Trials Fusion and can’t hide his excitement, Edward goes over his gaming rant blog that he posted on the site this week, and William is happy to have new glasses so he can maybe play games a bit better […]

By Edward Pol On 7 Apr, 2014 At 12:23 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Tim is back and Edward couldn’t be happier! Edward and Tim also have decided on a third seat for the show, even though it isn’t a female voice it is William Mackellar. William will be here for the long haul and he knows it. So now that everything is back to normal so is […]

By Eugene Sax On 2 Apr, 2014 At 11:12 AM | Categorized As Featured, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, PS4, Reviews, Xbox | With No Comments

Strider was first brought to my attention through the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.  He was a different character than I was used to from seeing in Capcom games, and he really grabbed my attention.  I didn’t think much of him though as anything more than just another fighting game character.  When I heard that he […]

By Edward Pol On 29 Mar, 2014 At 10:09 AM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Now Edward is like a lost doggy because Tim is gone this week also, but don’t fret Edward has Scott Ollek and William Mackellar with him again! The boys go over more Infamous: Second Son talk, Diablo 3, and more. A lot of juicy news this week for the boys to go over also. […]

By Karl Palmer On 24 Mar, 2014 At 02:49 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PS4 | With No Comments
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Watch Dogs might have been delayed a bit but that hasn’t dampened our appetite for this new blockbuster IP from Ubisoft, PlayStation owners can look forward to some bonus content which is exclusive for the Sony platforms and as you will see from the trailer below, there is quite a bit of content here.  Gamers will be […]

By Troy Hina On 20 Mar, 2014 At 09:21 AM | Categorized As Featured, PS4, Reviews | With No Comments
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***Editors Note: This game was reviewed just after release and no update has been released as of the time of posting this review. We will look into the update once it is released and re score if needed. Please enjoy the read and thank you! -Gamer Chatter Staff*** Charles Caleb Colton once said that “Imitation […]

By Edward Pol On 17 Mar, 2014 At 12:25 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With No Comments

  Oh no it has happened! The Mackellars have joined the show this week, freshly back from their trip to the BAFTA’s. They share the winners and their experiences with the games they played and the show, Edward and Tim are also here tonight listening and trying to hide their own excitement. The community question […]

By Shaun Giddings On 15 Mar, 2014 At 12:53 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, PS Vita, PS4 | With No Comments

It seems that an image has leaked out that shows a possible UI for renting PlayStation games for PlayStation Now.  PlayStation Now is expected to launch this summer in North America.  The image below was displayed on Sony’s Gaikai website but has since been replaced.  It shows potential prices for renting games using the service. […]

By Shaun Giddings On 14 Mar, 2014 At 04:07 PM | Categorized As News, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Videos, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

Bioware has released a trailer for their upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The trailer highlights some of the sights and environments we will get to explore in the third installment of the Dragon Age series.  This trailer shows some great environments and while I was excited before (Spoiler: I love Dragon Age), I am definitely […]