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By Shaun Giddings On 29 Apr, 2013 At 05:31 PM | Categorized As News, Xbox | With No Comments

According to a recent marketing email from Microsoft, the next Xbox is set to be revealed on May 21st at 10 AM PDT.  The event will be live streamed on Xbox Live and on The PlayStation 4 was revealed in February and it appears that Microsoft is ready to fire back with their next generation machine. […]

By Heather Scribner On 18 Mar, 2013 At 02:25 PM | Categorized As News, PC | With No Comments

Electronic Arts is playing the “Damage Control” card, yet again.  After the disaster that was the SimCity launch, EA has announced that they will be offering up a free game to those players by way of an apology. Here is a list of the games they are offering up: Battlefield 3 Mass Effect 3 Dead […]

By Adrian Munoz On 31 Jan, 2013 At 07:02 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation 3, PS Vita | With No Comments
Sony Teaser

Well now!  Here’s something coming completely out of left field from Sony.  Our friends over at The Official PlayStation Blog just put a teaser video up just under an hour ago with really no info…except a date at the end of the trailer.  February 20th,  2013 is the little tid-bit of information we get for […]

By Adrian Munoz On 27 Jan, 2013 At 05:52 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo | With No Comments

Another announcement Nintendo made during their Nintendo Direct Event was the new trailer and gameplay they revealed for The Wonderful 101  being developed by Platinum Games.  This game clearly draws on inspiration from games like Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe,  and seeing as The Wonderful 101 is being helmed by Hideki Kamiya who also directed Viewtiful […]

By Adrian Munoz On 26 Jan, 2013 At 01:26 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo | With No Comments

With Xenoblade possibly being the Wii’s last great game before dying a slow and painful death,  it looks like Monolith Soft may quite possibly be hinting at a Xenoblade 2 or something new all together with their new game code named “Project X”.  Let me tell you,  oh man this game is absolutely STUNNING!  This […]

By Adrian Munoz On 26 Jan, 2013 At 01:21 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo | With No Comments

Remember that amazing Zelda HD tech demo for the Wii U we all saw back at E3 2011?  Well today,  Zelda and Nintendo fans can let out a shriek of excitement because Nintendo has confirmed that a true HD Zelda game is in fact coming (aside from Wind Waker HD as well)  to the Wii […]

By Adrian Munoz On 26 Jan, 2013 At 01:36 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo | With No Comments

Don’t check your eyes kiddies,  you read that title correctly,  easily one of the most critically acclaimed Zelda games of all time is coming to Nintendo’s new home console;  The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker… in HD!  Zelda fans can finally get their hands on a true HD Zelda game (why couldn’t Skyward Sword […]

By Adrian Munoz On 26 Jan, 2013 At 01:58 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo | With No Comments

With E3 just around the corner,  it seems like Nintendo is really trying to pull in their hardcore fans back into their market with their new console,  the Wii U.  Why you may ask?  Well,  during Wednesdays Nintendo Direct event,  they announced a HUGE lineup of games that Nintendo fans have been yearning to get […]

By Adrian Munoz On 23 Jan, 2013 At 12:32 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation 3 | With No Comments

Oh.  My.  God.  The moment PS3 gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived.  2013′s most anticipated game,  The Last of Us,   is getting a Collectors Edition, TWO of them in fact!  Let’s take a look shall we? First off,  as always,  you have your standard edition copy of the game for $59.99 at […]

By Heather Scribner On 9 Jan, 2013 At 08:18 PM | Categorized As News | With No Comments

  Just a week ago, the members of SouthingtonSOS had announced that they would be holding a Violent Video Game Return Program. However, after a press conference held earlier this morning, they have decided to cancel the event. The controversial event (originally scheduled for this Saturday, Jan. 12) was primarily being held to encourage parents […]