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So let’s be honest here, We all want super powers right, but shy of being bitten by a radioactive bug or born to a god or something, we’re just going to have to keep dreaming. So hurrah for Sucker Punch and their latest offering in the Infamous franchise.  If you’ve played the previous games, you’ll […]

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Master Reboot city

At first glance, this game looks like a way to explore a digital world, in some ways, it is. Players get to travel in this world and seek out memories and answers as to why they are in this place. I knew this game was a puzzle game, but I was surprised about how deep […]

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Hey Batfreaks, this weekend is in anticipation of Batman: Arkham Origins coming in just about a week.  Steam has 75% off Batman games, of course ANOTHER Humble Bundle, and Bioshock Infinite for LESS THAN $10!   Humble Weekly Bundle – HotHead Games Pay $6.00 to get the following: DeathSpank and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue On […]

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Square Enix have today announced that work has commenced on Kingdom Hearts 2 HD Remix. The announcement came at D23 Expo Japan, with a slated release date of early 2014 for America, and will be available exclusively for PlayStation 3. The new Remix title will include 2 entries in the series previously only available in […]


Coming straight from New York Comic Con is the announcement of a Doctor Strange table for Zen Studios Marvel Pinball. Doctor Strange is described as, “A pinball table on a higher plane of occult forces in eternal conflict”. Alongside the master of mystic arts will be the beautiful Clea, and the faithful servant Wong, who […]

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Valve have put out a video showing it’s much discussed Steam Controller in action. The design has drawn much discussion, with the internet divided over its radical design. The lack of thumb sticks leads many to worry that it won’t have the Haptic feedback gamers are used to with current controllers. Jeff Bellinghausen, a Valve […]