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Sectioned Games News FI

Now that the dust has settled on PAX East I caught up with Sectioned Games to see how their new title El Chicle: A Revenge Tale had gone down with the crowds and what feedback they had received on their exciting new title.  I was pretty impressed with what the team had achieved in such a […]

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If you are as old as I am you may well remember coding your own games on your Commodore 64 or Spectrum, when the games industry was bursting at the seams with eager young programmers and everything was new and exciting.  It’s refreshing to see that this spirit is still alive today not just in […]


Cast your mind back to 1994 and World Cup USA and I am sure you will have your own fond memories, George Hagi’s wonder goal against Colombia, Ray Houghton’s screamer against Italy, that awesome flick and volley by Jurgen Klinsmann against South Korea, the epic hair of Carlos Valderrama and THAT penalty miss by Roberto Baggio were just some of the […]


Seriously, do the guys over at Zen Studios ever stop?  Not content with delivering some amazing Marvel and Star Wars themed tables, they have now decided to create a digital version of one of my favourite pinball tables of all time!  Super League Football Pinball is a brand new football themed table based on the classic World […]

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  Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is similar, and yet so different when it comes to your card games.  How to play the game is simple and user friendly, however mastering the game is what will take you time and practice to achieve.  Here is my review of this addicting game. In Hearthstone, you first have […]


Coming straight from New York Comic Con is the announcement of a Doctor Strange table for Zen Studios Marvel Pinball. Doctor Strange is described as, “A pinball table on a higher plane of occult forces in eternal conflict”. Alongside the master of mystic arts will be the beautiful Clea, and the faithful servant Wong, who […]

SWP BoF Key Art (2)

Zen Studios has announced another trailer for the forthcoming Star Wars Pinball pack “Balance Of The Force” showcasing the gritty Empire themed new Darth Vader pinball table. As a massive Star Wars fan  I was delighted to find out that the guys at Zen were working on a series of themed pinball tables.  Zen have created some of […]

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Skipping Stones has a self-explanatory title in the sense that all you do is skip stones across a lake. While that make not sound all that impressive and its not supposed to be, this game is all about relaxing. The stones are thrown by dragging the left mouse button up and letting go. Each time […]

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FIFA 14 Feature Image

As an Englishman there is one game that I will buy every single year, one game which regardless of the small amounts of updates it may have received since the previous version I will have pre-ordered for months in advance.  One game which if I want to play with my friends I will have no choice but […]

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MFL Featured

One of the great games on the SEGA Genesis that spawned a huge cult following back in the day is on the verge of being brought back to life thanks to a kickstarter campaign. The original Mutant League Football video game was released in 1993, it combined monsters and mayhem with good ol’ football fun, becoming a classic […]