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By Karl Palmer On 19 May, 2014 At 08:51 AM | Categorized As Android, Mac, Mobile, News, PC | With No Comments
Sectioned Games News FI

Now that the dust has settled on PAX East I caught up with Sectioned Games to see how their new title El Chicle: A Revenge Tale had gone down with the crowds and what feedback they had received on their exciting new title.  I was pretty impressed with what the team had achieved in such a […]

By Shaun Giddings On 9 May, 2014 At 02:48 PM | Categorized As Mac, News, PC | With No Comments

Yesterday Epic Games just shook our sensibilities with its announcement of Unreal Tournament and how the game is going to go through development.  As many of you know, Epic Games is the developer behind Unreal Engine and recently they made some changes to the business model of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). Epic made it so […]


Seriously, do the guys over at Zen Studios ever stop?  Not content with delivering some amazing Marvel and Star Wars themed tables, they have now decided to create a digital version of one of my favourite pinball tables of all time!  Super League Football Pinball is a brand new football themed table based on the classic World […]

By Scott Ollek On 2 Feb, 2014 At 11:49 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured, iOS, Mac, PC, Reviews | With No Comments

  Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is similar, and yet so different when it comes to your card games.  How to play the game is simple and user friendly, however mastering the game is what will take you time and practice to achieve.  Here is my review of this addicting game. In Hearthstone, you first have […]

By Heather Scribner On 24 Oct, 2013 At 04:46 PM | Categorized As Blog, Mac, News, PC | With No Comments

One of my favorite demos that I got to play while at New York Comic Con was that of Dungeon Defenders II.  The gang over at Trendy Entertainment have been busy developing their latest in Tower Defense-Action RPG.  This sequel to their original title: Dungeon Defenders, takes place several years later, with our protagonists now […]

By Bodachi On 7 Oct, 2013 At 03:39 PM | Categorized As Featured, Mac, PC | With 1 Comment

Xenolith by Snowbolt Interactive is a game billed as a twin-stick shooter except without the twin-sticks or the shooting. It may sound strange and it is but it is a great twist on a classic genre. You can change your ship to three different shapes: a triangle, a square and a pentagon. To destroy other […]

By Bodachi On 3 Oct, 2013 At 02:53 PM | Categorized As Featured, Mac, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 3 | With No Comments

Master Reboot is one of those games that doesn’t like to give you a load of exposition before letting you play the game. In fact, it tells you nothing from the demo I played, unless of course you read the description which tells you a lot about the setting, but it isn’t necessary for your […]

By Bodachi On 23 Sep, 2013 At 08:20 AM | Categorized As Featured, Mac, PC, Videos | With No Comments

Half Hour of Indie is a series of videos which focuses on indie games of new and old.  This week I played Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. Organ Trail is a parody of The Oregon Trail.  Which was a educational title based in 19th century America.  Organ Trail is based in a zombie apocalypse.  The game […]

By Karl Palmer On 20 Sep, 2013 At 04:54 PM | Categorized As Mac, News, PC, Videos | With No Comments

Welcome  the world of tomorrow!  Well, not quite yet but you will soon be able to get your hands on the new expansion to the SimCity universe entitled “Cities of Tomorrow”. The expansion pack is currently in development for both Mac and PC and is scheduled to arrive on November 12.  Cities of Tomorrow builds […]

By Eugene Sax On 30 Aug, 2013 At 06:56 AM | Categorized As Android, Featured, iOS, Mac, Mobile, PC, Reviews, Vintage | With No Comments

First thoughts: When I first saw this game through the humble bundle,  I didn’t really read the title of the game.  I thought it was just a typo for Oregon trail.  I thought that it was going to be a reboot with some fancy twist.  Reading the title before I jumped in,  I realized it […]

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