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El Chicle: It’s Paxtastic!

Sectioned Games News FI

Now that the dust has settled on PAX East I caught up with Sectioned Games to see how their new title El Chicle: A Revenge Tale had gone down with the crowds and what feedback they had received on their...


Preview NYCC 2013: Dungeon Defenders II


One of my favorite demos that I got to play while at New York Comic Con was that of Dungeon Defenders II.  The gang over at Trendy Entertainment have been busy developing their latest in Tower Defense-Action RPG.  This sequel...


EGX 2013: Xenolith Preview

Xenolith by Snowbolt Interactive is a game billed as a twin-stick shooter except without the twin-sticks or the shooting. It may sound strange and it is but it is a great twist on a classic genre. You can change your...


SimCity Expansion Details Revealed

Welcome  the world of tomorrow!  Well, not quite yet but you will soon be able to get your hands on the new expansion to the SimCity universe entitled “Cities of Tomorrow”. The expansion pack is currently in development for both...