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Gamer since birth, Writer since I learned that you could create your own universe in a person's mind by making scratch marks on paper. I game anywhere from 5-25 hours a week, and I'll try any game at least once. Hit me up on PSN: Scruff__McGruff, XBL: Morte Angel0, or twitter: @timmehlewis

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One of the most fascinating things in the world of gaming is the launch of an ambitious new intellectual property by a developer just as new.  After being founded in 2008, Dontnod Entertainment finally bursts into the gaming market with the June release of Remember Me.  Set in 2084, Remember Me is the story of a woman […]

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       In the gaming universe,  one of the most often heard complaints is the opinion that there are no “new ideas” for games anymore. Apparently,  you can only have so many iterations on a genre before a pattern develops and other games begin to follow it.  While this may be true in a […]

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  From the beginning of my gaming career (read:  my life),  point and click adventure or puzzle games have always been my fall-back when other games seem to lose their splendor over time.  Sure,  a game might be great graphics wise,  or might blow your mind with a crazy fast paced storyline;  but there’s something […]

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It’s good to be a Demon Hunter named Dante right now,  or at least to be a developer named Ninja Theory. In the newly released UK game sales charts for the week ending January 9th,  2013,  Devil May Cry is the number one selling game.  While some complained at first about the drastic departure from the normal character model […]

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Mobile fansite Quality Index has released their chart listings for Android Market in December 2012.  Quality Index takes a pool of scores for each app and aggregates them to form an average score for each app or game,  depending on category.  This is helpful when most app stores only sort their products by most popular, […]

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  It is very seldom that I find myself having to wipe my eyes at the end of a video game.  Shooter, RPG, Open World, Action/Adventure, and Simulator; all genres that I enjoy, yet rarely is the emotional impact of a game so great that I am moved to crying, either from joy or sadness. […]