I am an avid gamer and I play about 15-25 hours a week. I have been passionate about games since I was little. My first home console was a PONG light game and have been playing video games since. Actually, any type of game from Board Games to Word Games are not of my radar. I will play just about anything, but Racing games are my favorite.

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Ed is away this week and Tim is in charge.  We also have a Brand Spankin’ new Host.  Meet Todd Oxtra, he has been on the show before.  Welcome Aboard Todd!!!! We also talk about what’s out this week, lightly, well, go into weird details about this weeks news.  Also in this show is Our […]

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  Today we go over some important updates that happened during the day of July 22, 2014… How come no one mentioned the 1.74 PS4 update yesterday? The PS4 1.74 Update made some changes to system stability, again… And the 5 Gig War Thunder update and the 5.5 Gig The Pinball Arcade Update…   The […]

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So let’s be honest here, We all want super powers right, but shy of being bitten by a radioactive bug or born to a god or something, we’re just going to have to keep dreaming. So hurrah for Sucker Punch and their latest offering in the Infamous franchise.  If you’ve played the previous games, you’ll […]

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Trials Fusion is the latest entry in the Trials Franchise from Red Lynx Studio and does not disappoint.  I was always jealous of Xbox 360 owners that got the original Trials Evolution set of games.  I know I could get them on Steam and play them on my PC, but I never really had a […]

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Hotline Miami may have some competition in the top-down shooter genre.   The idea of Hong Kong Massacre is inspired by Hong Kong Action movies.  In the game the player is out to get a Triad leader somewhere in Hong Kong.  To locate your target, you will find people in the organization for more clues. […]

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  I wasn’t initially going to purchase this game.  I had not followed anything about it, and watched maybe a few seconds (20 max) of the trailers for it.  My first impression was that is was going to be more of the same old, same old.  But in true Rockstar fashion, they break the mold […]

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This week Ed, Tim & Amy start another awesome show by almost screwing things up, but we get back on track to discuss Xbox One delayed in several countries, Kinect is NOT needed and other news.  We also discuss what is released this week.  Updates to PAYDAY2, Amy has codes for game giveaways and Ed […]

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In order for me to review Payday 2, I must return to the original Payday: The Heist with a few comments.  When The Heist was first announced I was amazed that the Overkill studio had such high ambitions and I preordered the first game on PSN.  I was disappointed when I actually got my hands on it, […]

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I have to admit that this was not a fun time for me, neither was it a huge time sink that I was expecting.  To be totally honest, I would rather be playing 1941 instead of this.  Although this game did offer some challenge, I just felt like it was too long introducing you to […]

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This week I stat playing Train Simulator 2013, DLC content is Marias Pass.  The first mission involves learning the controls and how to use and set the rail switches.  It should normally take 15 minutes to complete this, but due to my “newness” to the game, it takes me about 45 minutes to complete the […]