***Editors Note: This game was reviewed just after release and no update has been released as of the time of posting this review. We will look into the update once it is released and re score if needed. Please enjoy the read and thank you! -Gamer Chatter Staff***

Charles Caleb Colton once said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  When Basement Crawl’s developer Bloober Team “attempted” to imitate the addictive multiplayer mayhem from the beloved Bomberman series they fell drastically short.  In fact, this game is broken by every definition of the term.  Don’t get me wrong, the premise sounds promising indeed.  It’s a dark and creepy maze-based 2.5D multiplayer game with dynamic cameras and up to 8 player multiplayer.  Sounds thrilling right?   Negative!  The problems are that this game is buggy as hell, has no single player campaign or bots to speak of, and…most devastating of all to this MULTIPLAYER ONLY game…THE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODES DO NOT WORK!



In this last-man-standing maze-based competition players can choose between 4 characters:  A midget clown riding a unicycle, crash-test dummy in a wheelchair, little girl toting a maniacal bear, and what appears to be an obese hooded female executioner.  These characters each possess unique abilities, traps, and statistics.  The aforementioned stats contribute to the life points, stamina, range, and amount of traps they start the round with.  Traps, which can be kicked or thrown, are improved during each round by collecting the power ups and are uncovered by destroying the blocks that make up the maze.  Players can also reveal special abilities like double damage, C-4, and landmines.  This arsenal is used to annihilate your opponents until the round is over.  The player with the most kills wins the round.



Graphically, Basement Crawl’s aesthetic suits the dark theme of the game.  However, it’s difficult to call these “next gen” graphics.  In my opinion any of the last generation consoles including the hand held systems could have played this title with ease.


An abandoned circus and slaughter house stand out as the more memorable horror themed mazes which total 9 in all.


The most impressive display of sound design in the game is the opening cinematic.  The Grandma & little girl’s voices in the scene are eerie to say the least.  Regretfully, the in-game sounds do not share this quality.  The sounds during each match are mediocre and the music is repetitive.



Being that the multiplayer is essentially broken, it’s hard to provide feedback.  Regardless of the mode or lobby I chose, the game would eventually time out.  Occasionally, the game would totally freeze requiring me to close the application and restart only to rinse and repeat another failed multiplayer endeavor.  I was able to play a small amount of local multiplayer which was average at best.  I could see where this game “would have been” fun if the online system worked.  However, if you don’t have 4 controllers and 3 friends or family members to play with, it’s really tough to recommend this title.


Final Thoughts:

Bloober Team’s intent was to target the hardcore players instead of the casual players.  My suggestion is that if you’re targeting the hardcore players; know that this halfhearted effort to launch a next gen game will not exactly satiate the masses.  Basement Crawl in this current state doesn’t deserve the space that it’s occupying on my Playstation 4’s hard drive.




 Publisher: Bloober Team Developer: Bloober Team

Release Date: 2/25/14(US) – 2/26/14(EU)

Platforms: PS4 Digital: Yes

Price: $9.99 Rating: ESRB (T)

Offline Players: 2-4 Online Players: 2-8 Competitive: Yes

Online Pass: No