Xenolith by Snowbolt Interactive is a game billed as a twin-stick shooter except without the twin-sticks or the shooting. It may sound strange and it is but it is a great twist on a classic genre.

You can change your ship to three different shapes: a triangle, a square and a pentagon. To destroy other ships on the screen you have to change to the same shape as them. When I played it at Eurogamer Expo it was hard to remember which button did what, but with some time to learn the game I’m sure I would be much better at it. The game has quite a few different enemies that I saw even with the limited about of time I played it. One enemies will have loads of little enemies orbiting around it and another will have a shield at the front so that it can’t be attacked head on.

When chatting to the developer, one way they saw to improve that was to change the shapes to the same colour as the buttons. They also would like to bring the game to PlayStation and use the shapes on the buttons for the shape of the ship. This would make the game a lot easier to learn as most gamers know what symbol is where on the Dualshock 3.

The game is quite challenging and in the survival mode can get almost insane. In survival the game just gets harder until you can’t take no more.

Xenolith will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux. If you like what you’ve heard then please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. Here is a video of the gameplay that I described: