Podcast – Chattercast – Episode 29: Spreading the Disease

By Edward Pol On 5 Aug, 2013 At 12:28 PM | Categorized As Featured, Podcast | With 3 Comments



Edward, Amy, and Tim have another awesome episode for you! We talk about some awesome news this week, our normal chatter and our best gaming moments of the week! Our community question this week was, What is the worst game you have ever played? Which had some great responses! Superman 64 almost took away the prize but we have a feeling Edward game took it hands down. We have a few codes to give away so please keep an ear open for that and enjoy the show! See you all next week!


  • Fez 2 cancelled. Phil Fish quits the gaming industry.

  • Bioshock DLC announced: Clash in the Clouds, Burial at Sea

  • Wii U struggling, 160,000 sold worldwide. Still had a profit thanks to 3DS and Animal Crossing

  • EverQuest Next now has a creation companion game EverQuest Next Landmark

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  • Sean

    anyone who plays ween at the beginning of the podcast is the shit!!! that was the best part lol!

    • TimDog350


  • Edward Pol

    Haha thanks man!