When looking out for games to include in Half Hour Of Indie I just have a random gander at the Steam store and find games that might be interesting, when I found Bleed I thought this will be good for at least half an hour and at just under £4 how can you go wrong? Will it wasn’t just half bad it was pretty amazing.

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The game is based in 21XX were there hasn’t been a new in a hundred years; all of the heroes of old have been content with just telling their old stories. This is where Bleed is a Wryn; the main character of the game enters in. With ambitions to be the greatest hero of all time she sets out to take out the heroes, one by one.

Bleed is a unique blend of twin stick shooting and platforming. The controls are pretty simple with the left stick or WASD for movement and the right stick or mouse for aiming and shooting. Your character is able to do a triple jump through the air to dodge attacks. Which when used with the bullet time will helpful in some of the more intense sections. Bullet time isn’t infinite but does replenish when you aren’t using it doesn’t have to be used too sparingly.

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The entire game can be played through with a co-op partner. Obviously at least one player has to have a controller and the other has a choice of the two. I can’t attest to how it plays with someone else as it is only local co-op.

For the beginning of the game the only weapon available is the dual pistols which you’ll most likely use for 90% of the game as they are the easiest weapon to use in your arsenal. Weapons and character upgrade are unlocked buy purchasing them with points from the store. A lot of these weapons are fun to use but I always went right back to the dual pistols. When you play through each level you get points as well as a rank. Shooting enemies increases your rank but if you take any amount of damage it will decrease dramatically.

Each level has to be played in order and they are quite different from each other. There is a sub-boss and boss for each level which can be challenging to defeat until you learn the bosses attack pattern. When you switch to another section of the level you get a checkpoint and as there is no lives system, you can replay till your heart’s content. The levels of the game are quite short, so if you have no problems with them then you can blast right through them. The game offers four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and very hard. They should cater to everyone those want an even harder challenge will want to play the over modes the game offers.

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Once you complete the game you unlock arcade mode. It is just like the story mode but you play through all of the levels in the game with just one life. Another mode available in the game is challenge mode. In this mode you can fight up to three bosses from the game that you have already defeated in the main story at the same time. For each difficulty level the game offers from normal onwards, there is a character to unlock who also vary the gameplay.


The style of the game is decidedly 16-bit and looks great because of it. Some of the levels can a bit a little bland and basic for my personal tastes but due to the fact that a lot of enemies, bullets and rockets flying around the screen you will barely notice them. Like I’ve said each level has a unique style and nothing is repeated between levels. The game runs smoothly and I didn’t experience any slowdown, even during the more hectic parts of the game. Cutscenes in the game are done with still images or mostly still with text underneath and they fit the style of the game perfectly. The only downside to them is the fact that they only appear at the start and end of the game. I found the scenes at the end to be quite amusing and I would of appreciated more.

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The music keeps with the 16-bit style as well, they are enjoyable music that never gets repetitive not matter how many times I replay the same part of a level. Sound effects are I think better than they would sound in the era of gaming that this is based it. There is no voice acting but that is to be expected of a small indie title like this.

Final Thoughts:

This game is just a pure joy to play, while it might not take too long to complete but that is negated by the small price tag of the game. The game offers a lot of replay value for those that a challenge. Bleed does a lot of things right and I can barely find anything wrong with it.



Publisher: Bootdisk Revolution, Developer: Bootdisk Revolution
Release Date: Steam: 07/03/13
Platforms: PC, Mac OS, Xbox 360 Digital: Yes
Price: £3.99
Offline Players: Co-op: 2