August, 2013

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First thoughts: When I first saw this game through the humble bundle,  I didn’t really read the title of the game.  I thought it was just a typo for Oregon trail.  I thought that it was going to be a reboot with some fancy twist.  Reading the title before I jumped in,  I realized it […]

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September is fast approaching, and we all get excited to find out what might be in store for us with the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for North America. Well today, they decided to give us a little head up as to what we can expect in September. Not all of these titles will be […]

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July 4   We had a pause for today on the war. We kept the scanner live in case it was necessary, but otherwise the entire project took the day off. The Commander wanted to celebrate Independence Day.  We tried to forget about the invaders for now. The Commander, Hulk, and many of the higher […]

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In last month’s issue of Mass Effect: Foundation we learn of the origins behind Cerberus operative: Rasa; who was first featured as “Maya Brooks” in the Mass Effect 3 DLC: Citadel.  In issue 2, we find her as a dedicated operative, charged with obtaining information and protecting a man on the Citadel named Fist in exchange for […]

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It seems as though today was the day for Nintendo news, in addition to the 2DS which we reported earlier Nintendo also outlined a variety of offers designed to entice consumers and dissuade them from flocking to the new and shiny offerings from Sony and Microsoft this holiday season. Speaking at the GameStop Managers Show […]

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 Nintendo recently announced the 2DS which is a 3DS completely flat and as the name suggests lacks 3D. While it make look like a mock-up and I’ll admit I had to do a double take before I took it seriously. The 2DS will be available on 12th October which is the same day as Pokemon X […]

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