Grip Games might not be one of the most well-known developers around but they have made me sit up and take notice over the past two years with fun and addictive titles like One Epic Game and more recently Foosball 2012.  The Czech Republic outfit have today released a gameplay trailer for their latest project the crazy all action multiplayer game Atomic Ninjas.

The premise of the game is simple, you take control of one of the super-powered ninjas on offer and proceed to pit your wits against other players online in a manic fight to the death, be warned though the twist is that you can’t directly kill other players and must instead use the various environmental hazards to do the job for you!  Split screen multiplayer and offline matches against bots are also supported so you can hone your skills before venturing online.

This frantic action platformer will be available exclusively on the PS3 and PSVita this summer and autumn respectively.