Help a Mother out!

By Edward Pol On 18 Jul, 2013 At 03:05 PM | Categorized As Blog, Featured | With 1 Comment


As you all know I am a fan of Kickstarter projects. Well one of our fellow podcasters and friend from is doing an Indiegogo to help raise funds to bring her daughter to Pax Prime. Hopefully this will help start her next generation of gamer kiddies to enjoy her hobby and work for her site. I think this is a great idea and since then she has been getting backlash from internet dweebs about doing this and about the money. To make a long story short we all hate the trolls and would love to see Marcia and  Hannah go to Pax Prime and have an awesome Mother and Daughter weekend to themselves. Every little bit will help and of course there are some small incentives.

You can help them out HERE


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  • Karl Palmer

    Real shame that folks can’t be supportive, sounds like a great idea.