The NCAA confirmed today that they will not be renewing their contract with EA Sports for the license to produce EA Sports NCAA Football video game.  The contract currently expires June 2014,  NCAA made their decision on many facets and reported that “…our timing is based on the need to provide EA notice for future planning.”  NCAA Football 2014 will be the last to include NCAA’s name in the logo.  Due to the current business climate and costs of litigation,  NCAA declared  it is not in their best interest to continue in the game industry.  They have never licensed player’s names,  images,  or likenesses to EA,  but had no involvement between former student-athletes and EA.  Colleges and universities license their own trademarks for the video game,  and will have to independently decide whether or not to continue licensing with EA.

NCAA was never my particular game of choice,  but it was a fun game to play with friends.  I’m sure that there will still be football games in the series,  but it seems the college ball won’t be continuing.  At least,  not with the “official” NCAA title on it.  Players will still have some football games to play,  I’m sure.  We will see what’s next for EA in the college football realm.