Monthly Archive: July 2013

Humble Deep Silver Bundle

Humble Bundle is one of my favorite things about PC gaming.  It is a website dedicated to fans, charities, and developers.  You the consumer get to choose where your money goes to when you purchase their game packs (which are...


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Since 2001, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series has been the gateway for gamers ostensibly bound for an appearance on TLC’s Hoarding Buried Alive or better yet My Strange Addiction.  Released 12 years later, the newest iteration, Animal Crossing: New Leaf will...


Chaos Rings Hits Vita

After enjoying huge success on iOS and Android the critically acclaimed JRPG Chaos Rings has finally made the jump to Sony’s PlayStation Mobile platform and this includes the PlayStation Vita. In this epic story 5 different couples are gathered together by...