July, 2013

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Feburary 28, 2015 6:23 PM Germany My name is…  Well,  my code name is John Doe.  While on this mission,  I am only to refer to myself as such.  This set of articles will be distributed in secret,  and after the war.  These articles will contain many government secrets about the progress with the war […]

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Humble Bundle is one of my favorite things about PC gaming.  It is a website dedicated to fans, charities, and developers.  You the consumer get to choose where your money goes to when you purchase their game packs (which are DRM free!).  This week is one of those special weeks to definitely take advantage of. […]

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Irrational Games have announced the three DLC packs for BioShock Infinite. The first which will be available today is called Clash in the Clouds. It will be four combat challenges called: The Ops Zeal, Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome and Emportia Arcade). You will be pitted against 15 waves of enemies to beat. There […]

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Edward, Tim, and Amy have another great episode for you guys! We over our normal stuff but answer another great community question “What are your feelings about Microtransactions?” and we ask next weeks question which will be “What is the worst game you ever played?” Edward talks about our Pinball Arcade score chase, and we […]

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This week we look at The Sly Cooper Collection. The games were originally developed by Sucker Punch Productions on the PS2.  A new company,  Sanzaru games,  requested permission to carry on the series when Sucker Punch wanted to focus on the inFAMOUS series.  Sanzaru started on a demo on what would be Sly Cooper: Thieves […]

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This week on Half Hour Of Indie, I played Magicka. Magicka is quite a unique game, you combine the elements to form spells. These spells can vary greatly, from a healing mine trap to firing flaming rocks. The game is open to experimentation as you don’t have a mana bar and dying doesn’t have any […]

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Tearaway, the Vita exclusive created by Media Molecule the minds behind LittleBigPlanet will be delayed by an extra month, as the developer needs extra time to finish it. The game originally slated for October will now release on 22nd November. A minor delay for one of the most the anticipated titles for the Vita. While […]

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PlayStation Access today released a video covering a lot of details about the PS4. One of them confirming that the PS4 will have Cross Game Chat though it will be called Party Chat like it is on the Vita. The friends list of PS4 will be 20 times that of the PS3‘s 100 friends. This […]