May, 2013

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Interviews Tim

Gamer Chatter interviews are back and what better way to bring them back after a 2 week hiatus then with the lovely Tim Miller. Let us start the interview with the simple questions, what is your name and age? Tim Miller and I’m 41. Where do you come from and where do you live now […]

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  I feel like this is most boss fights!

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Overkill has released a new trailer, seen below,  showing of some gameplay for their upcoming  Payday 2.  In the trailer you can see just how brutal the game’s heists can be, even when you think everything is going correctly. You can see video showing , blue prints of the bank they are about heist. An armed […]

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Maximum Games has recently released the Worms Collection on disc,  the collection was previously available digitally and separately on  the Xbox Live Arcade and also the PlayStation Network, but now you can have and enjoy all of these Worms games on a single disc. The Worms Collection will only set you back $29.99, and will contain not […]

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A listing of titles that are slated to appear at the IndieCade booth at E3 has listed highly acclaimed title,  Flower from developer Thatgamecompany,  will be ported to the PS Vita.  For those who haven’t tried it yet,  Flower was the artistic and peaceful game that released digitally on the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. IndieCade also has […]

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Ubisoft has announced that their formerly exclusive Wii U title, Rayman Legends will also now be releasing to the PlayStation Vita as well as  previously announced Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. Rayman Legends  will be arriving on the PS Vita  at the same time as the regular console versions later this year. The PlayStation Vita […]

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Blizzard has delayed all work on their to-be-announced MMO, codenamed Titan, and seem to be going back to square one and restarting work on the project. Also it seems most of the Blizzard team that had been working on Project Titan has been reduced by about 70%, leaving only a small portion to help start over. […]

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Several gaming sites are reporting that EA accidentally posted a Mirror’s Edge 2 help/support page and subsequently removed it from existence.  The page was posted at the following URL,  but it unfortunately goes nowhere now.  Mirror’s Edge 2 briefly appeared on’s German and Italian sites for the Xbox One before being removed as well. […]

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Early this morning on Twitter, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios confirmed that all PlayStation 4 games will have Remote Play functionality with a few exceptions.  The exceptions would be any games that require special hardware,  such as the camera. Remote Play will allow a PlayStation 4 game to be streamed to and played […]