Gamer Chatter 580


Edward, Tim, and Amy are back for another great week of podcasting! Some interesting news, to say the least. More Zen Pinball 2 League talk, this weeks table will be Fantastic Four. We have people on our forums looking for Monster Hunter 3 and Soul Sacrifce players please hit up the forums to meet new people to play with! You can also hear what we are playing and what Ed thinks about Nintendo’s e-shop. Enjoy the Podcast and see you next week!


  • Rachet and Clank Movie in the works.

  • Man Arrested for Trafficking Marijuana in a Pac Man arcade cabinet – A South Carolina man was charged with trafficking 55 pounds of marijuana using a Pac-Man arcade cabinet last week.

  • Nintendo not doing an E3 Conference this year

  • Next Xbox being revealed May 21

  • Dust 514 Releases on May 14

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