Bethesda has debuted via a live action trailer, which can be seen below, a new IP they are working on. The new IP is called The Evil Within, which is a new survival horror game that is set to bring back the genre to what it used to be, and with  the great Shinji Mikami who helped popularize the genre with the Resident Evil series, what better person to do so. What he and many people believe that the survival horror genre is just not what it used to be, and he is set to try bring it back somewhat to the golden age but believes it does deserve a bit of balance of horror and action, with just enough action to make players feel not godly nor have super powers but just a fighting chance to survive, and also just enough horror that does not frighten players into putting the controller down and walking away, but enough to play on their fear, yet keep them intrigued.

The game will be using a modified version of the idTech 5 engine which was previously used in the game RAGE, which was FPS game, so it had been modified and tweaked to work in third person game.

the evil within

The game is about a detective who is set to  set to handle a homicide case at an inner-city asylum. He and his colleagues seem to arrive late to the scene, where it is filled with many dead bodies and something seems to be off. Eventually, while searching the area he gets unconscious and woken up somewhere else, where he must escape many gruesome and dangerous areas while also trying to survive game enemies.

The game is also going to be a very cinematic game, just  like Shinji Mikami work on Resident Evil 4, but at the same time seems like he may be playing with reality like the Silent Hill series.

Here is the live action trailer hope you enjoy it:

[jwplayer mediaid=”6169″]

No official release date or platforms has been mention but can be sure check back with us here once something has been announced. While wait can let us know what you think of The Evil Within and is it something Survival Horror needs to bring it back to once was.