Giovanni took time out of defending the king of the sea to do an interview with me. So lets find out more about him.

Let us start by telling the fine people who you are you and how old are you?

Mi nombre es Giovanni Casiano hehe, many of you know me by my PSN, ReesesWave. I am 22 years old

And were do you come from and where to you live now (if different to your hometown)?

Originally I was born in the island of Puerto Rico, but my family moved to the states when I was 9 months old. We moved first to New York with my uncle, then we moved to Bridgeport, CT where I spent most my time growing up. Currently I live at my school apartment dorm in Worcester, MA

And what are you studying?

I am studying Game Design.

I assume, in the future you would like to have a career in the gaming industry?

Yes indeed; once I graduate, I want to continue to work my way to a good career in the gaming industry.

Is their any particular path you would like to go down?

Like many people in gaming industry in which roles or company are constantly changing so I originally wanted to be in design working on the game and the art side of game design, but lately within my Senior Year I started more of a passion for writing. In which there are very few paths. One of the paths I would like to take is to continue with my gaming journalism and have a bit more of a community management role for a big game company or developer. Another is to be more of the writer for a game. I Love writing and creating ideas for games, like how I want them to work and such.

So no programming then?

Not specifically, it’s always good to have some basic knowledge of the variety of programs and language and how they work; one thing my school likes to do is, that no matter if your game design or a programmer, to take classes of one or the other just to have a good understanding. Which many companies and our speakers say they like to see. So I still like to dabble in the programming and actual game creation side.

Ah very good, let us look back at your gaming past, what started your love of gaming?

Mom would probably say I was born with a controller in my hand, it was just something I was pretty much born into; with my whole family being gamers, even my parents, though they they are more casual types, with my mom getting nasty scores on Zuma. The farthest back I can remember is my dad starting me off with some spiderman on the atari 2600, I could swear I had bottle on one hand and a controller on the other. I have been gaming ever since, with my home just being that gaming hub where all my family and friends would come over to play.

So it is in your DNA, what kind of games do you play as a family?

Pretty much, as I once heard someone say in a gaming college advertisement “From Womb to the Tomb: I’m a gamer till I die“. Back in child hood I could say my parents were more into hardcore games¬†with the Atari 2600 and the NES, but now they more casual with games like Zuma, Bejeweled and such. While i have 3 older brothers and we play just about any type of genre. As long the game interests us from Shooters, RPG’s, Platformers to Action/Adventure. We currently have many of the current gen consoles and handhelds – 2 PS3s, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, 3DS, Vita, PC and Mac. So we co-op a lot games together, we borrow from each other and or play on each others consoles.

Fair enough, that is pretty cool. Why did you want to become part of Gamer Chatter?

Well it started way back before it officially started, when Edward Pol was looking for writers, especially ones who would like to help handle news content. Which is something I already have passion for, I’m always researching and looking for the latest news content on the gaming world, posting about it, giving my thoughts and all. So I was like, why not do something more professionally about it, and jumped at the opportunity.

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

Yes besides gaming, I do like to draw, listen to music, watch anime, reading, books and comic books, spending time hanging out with my friends and family, and just walking around and exploring.

So what are some of your favourite animes?

Big O, M.A.R. (Marchen Awakens Romance), Zatch Bell, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Rave Master, Death Note, I’m currently watching the spin off based off of Rock Lee – Naruto Spin Off Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals.

Fine choices indeed, let us get back to games. What would you say are your three favorite games?

Yes all great animes. My favorite 3, tough choice I have played so many and enjoyed them all…but for top 3, I would have to say Chrono Cross, Far Cry 3, and Ni No Kuni.

Chrono Cross over Chrono Trigger?

Never got chance to play the first, I happened to get Chrono Cross from a child hood friend who gave it to me as a birthday gift, since I only had a ps1 until I was able to get a ps3. Back then I wasn’t very fond of turn based RPG’s and I probably wouldn’t have even given it a look if it wasn’t for my friend. Lately whenever I have some spare cash I try get some of the classics and try to expand my game library with the RPG/JRPG experience and I have even started with some the Final Fantasy classics and I have fallen for Final Fantasy IX.

Ah that makes sense. I’d love to find time for old games but I never have the time with all the new and shiny games coming out.

Alright I think it is time to wrap up this interview, is their anything else you would like to say to the lovely people reading this?

It’s been a pleasure being able to provide news content for our fellow readers, Iwould love to continue and expand my skills as much as possible, and for those who follow me personally, you can find me on Facebook and on twitter – @GLCRMI, My PSN is ReesesWave

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Anytime, it was a pleasure.