Gamer Chatter 580

Yeah, we know you wanna say it…

Edward, Amy, and Tim talk about some interesting news this week, we go over our best gaming moments of the week, Sorry Mike_chappo. Our awesome community question took up most of the show, the questions this week was: How did you get your Username? Next weeks question is: If you can be any character from any game who would it be? We received a couple of awesome emails from two awesome listeners, Jaygrady and Strathem. We also had a few shout outs and Happy Birthday John! Please enjoy the show and come back next week for more awesome Hi-jinks!



  • LucasArts closed by Disney, all projects cancelled (Star Wars 1313, Star Wars: First Assault)

  • 38 Studios lives?

  • Microsoft’s creative director thinks all games should be Always-online.(

  • Sega confirms cancellation of  Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U

Out this Week

  • Age of Empires II HD

  • Guacamelee

  • ShootMania Storm

  • Gemini Rue