I have planned to a sit down chat with everyone who works on the Gamer Chatter website. This will hopefully be a weekly feature so tune in every Friday where I have an informal interview with some nice people. I had the pleasure of having a chat with Heather who recently wrote an article about whether a female lead character will effect peoples decision on whether to buy it. Let’s get the the interview.

Well start by telling the fine people who are reading this who you are? Where you come from? And how old are you?

Well, my name is Heather Scribner and I’m 30 years old. I’m originally from very rural Pennsylvania, but I’ve lived in Connecticut for most of my life.

What do you currently do for a living?

Currently, I’m an accounts manager for a Pest Control company, though I also volunteer for a film production group called Hat City Pictures from time to time. I basically do whatever they need me to do. Lighting, Audio, Camera, etc.

So is film production an interest of yours?

I actually went to school for it. I did some film work in high school, and after a brief stint in college, I attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Farmington, CT to study Radio and Television broadcasting.

It’s always been an interest, but writing has always been my passion.

Well that leads us nicely to why you wanted to become a part of Gamer Chatter.

I love writing, and I love gaming! I’ve been doing both for my entire life, so when Ed Pol mentioned that he needed writers, I jumped on it.

It is the perfect combination of the two. Do you know what started your love of gaming?

I don’t remember it as anything in particular. It was so long ago I don’t remember if the first time I saw a game if it was on an Atari or Nintendo.

But thinking about it now…

I remember being at my oldest sister’s boyfriend’s house and watching his twin brothers play Super Mario Brothers when it first came out. I was only a few years old at the time. They let me play it, and I did horribly. But I still loved it. After that I’d play at his house (or any other friend’s/relatives/etc) when I could.

A couple years later I got an Atari, which I liked. But I really wanted a Nintendo. Then for Christmas when I was probably 6 or so, I was surprised with my Nintendo from Santa.

So any of your family also play games?

None of my immediate family members play games. I’m the only one. My husband plays though.

Do you play a lot of games together?

Not too much actually. He really loves first person shooters (BF3 especially), but I don’t get into it too much. We do play Portal 2 co-op though.

We usually divide up our gaming time. He’ll play after dinner for a couple of hours, then I’ll play.

A lot of times he’ll be watching what I play. He knows 90% of the Mass Effect story arcs just by watching me.

When playing Mass Effect for instance does he influence your decisions?

On my first playthroughs, if there’s a really big decision I’m having trouble making, I’ll ask for his opinion. Like in the first game at the end you have to choose whether or not to save the council or go after sovereign. It was my first playthrough so I didn’t know if I chose to save the council if Sovereign would wind up destroying the citadel. But I always play the Paragon Role, so I wanted to save them, but not at the cost of the entire station. He helped me with that, and I chose to sacrifice the council.

Just a quick check I did say this would be half an hour are we still good for time or have you got to rush off soon?

I’ve got another 1/2 an hour, I had a feeling it would take longer.

Haha marvellous, well we have covered film production and writing but do you have any hobbies outside of those and gaming?

COSPLAY! hahaha.

Aside from gaming, that is my biggest hobby.

Well we shall have to include some pictures for the post on the website. Why do you love cosplay?

It’s fun to be able to be something/someone different. It makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I get nervous at first, stepping out in a costume, but after a while, you realize it’s part of who you are. There are parts of me that ARE the characters that I cosplay as.

black cat

So what are the costumes you are most proud of?

Right now I’m working on FemShep armor, which is the first costume that I’ve done 100% from scratch. It’s not done yet, but I’m already insanely proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. The other two that I’m really proud of are my Black Cat/Felicia Hardy costume from Spiderman, and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.

So putting together a costume takes a lot of work I presume?

Oh, my gosh yes. I’ve actually been concentrating so hard on FemShep the past couple of weeks that I’ve only put in a few hours of game time. And that was mostly for reference!

It depends on what I’m working on though. Since most of my costumes before that have been altered from already existing products (cut off tank tops, salad bowls from goodwill…) it doesn’t take as long.


Is there a convention you are looking to have your costume ready for?

Nope. I started it just to challenge myself to get it done. To know that I can do it and learn a few things along the way. Then I won’t stress myself out for any cons. There’s been too many times where you’ll be up all night the night before you leave working on a costume that’s “just not done yet”. It’s exhausting!

Well I hope it turns out well and you’ll show off your handy work once it is all done.

Oh hell yeah! I’ve got other projects lined up too. My husband wants me to work on an Ezio costume for him from Assassins Creed, and I’m going to try and find time to make Kat from Gravity Rush.

Sounds like you’ll be quite busy.

Yeah, but it’ll be worth it.

Well it might be nice to document the process that goes in to creating your costume and put up on article on the site.

I could do that. I have some progress pics of Shepard already. And I started drawing up basics for Kat last night.

Well I’m sure people will be interested in seeing how much work goes into just one costume.

I think it is best we called time on this as you might have to go soon so would you like to plug any social networks or anything like that?

Sure. If anyone would like to follow my crazy exploits, they can always find me on Twitter @heatherscribs or Facebook as Heather D. Scribner. I’m also on PSN and XBL as Vegete524

Alright anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

Number 1: Don’t let fear run your life. Chances are, if you’re afraid to do it, then it might just be the right thing to do. Number 2: Don’t grope the cosplayers. We really fracking hate that.

If it wasn’t for facing the fear, I wouldn’t be writing for Gamer Chatter.

Well I’d generally say people don’t like to be groped by random people in the first place.

Yeah, but some people like to see what they can get away with…

Believe it or not, it’s a common issue, especially for women.

True, I’m lucky if I get groped.

Aw, well when you do, I hope it’s not in public. How old are you?

I’m 23.

You’re still a pup! There’s plenty of time

Haha. Well thank you for your time. Especially with putting up with this far longer then I thought interview.

No biggie.