Darkstalkers Resurrection Review

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Capcom has made many of my favorite fighting games over the years. Darkstalkers is a series that I’m familiar with, mostly due to some of the characters appearing in Marvel vs Capcom.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is two games in one. Included is Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (Or Darkstalkers 2 as I’ll call it) and the game more sensibly named Darkstalkers 3. Both games play similarly to most Capcom fighting games so expect to perform a lot of quarter and half circles.



Darkstalkers 2 is very much similar to a fighting game of old where you have to win two rounds to beat your opponent. It also feels a little bit slower than Darkstalkers 3. Instead of rounds in Darkstalkers 3 each player has two Batman Symbols, once their life is depleted they lose one and only their health bar is replenished. Once a player has lost both Batman Symbols they lose. It is a different system to most other games and makes comes backs that much harder.

The game controls like an arcade game and as so it can be a bit difficult on a standard controller, rather then using an arcade stick. All of the characters in the game feel unique and have their own style to them. Both these games come from the 1990s so don’t expect any real story other than what is presented in the endings.


Aside from the classic arcade mode that you’d expect from a fighter, both games have their own, though very similar mode. Darkstalkers 2 has challenge mode and Darkstalkers 3 has tutorial mode. There is no real difference between the two so I’ll talk about them as one. Every character has 5 of these modes to complete, ranging from easy to hard. The main issue I find with each of these is that there aren’t any on screen prompts as to how to pull of the moves; the game just tells you what they are called. You’ll have to the pause the game to find out how to do them, which is tedious and it makes pulling off a combo in the mode that much more difficult.

In the default view of the game, rather than having two black bars either side of the screen the game, there are a variety of challenges. These can range from completing a certain amount of special moves, to clearing through the arcade mode. Each of these tasks will earn you experience points which can be used to unlock art, ending videos and more.



While the games maybe over 15 years old they really don’t show it, this could be in part due to the anime like style of the characters and the backgrounds. There are different options to select from to enhance the look of the aging sprites though I stuck with the default “crisp” as that did the best job of up-scaling the characters. The games were originally designed for a 4:3 screen but if you wish you can display it in widescreen though like with other games from Capcom you lose some of the background art from the top of the screen so that it can achieve widescreen without stretching the picture.


All of the voice work from the games is in Japanese which can be annoying for those used to more recent fighting games that have the option for English. Music is what you’d expect from an arcade game in from the 90’s, it is enjoyable.



Online is superb, when I was playing it I had to look over at the other controller just to check if someone in the room was playing as it was as good as playing a buddy on a couch. There are a few different modes to choose from: ranked and unranked which most fighting games offer, as well as tournament play which you can have up-to eight players join, in an elimination style tournament to see who is the champion.

Final Thoughts:

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a enjoyable, though a little pricey for two old arcade games. Fans of the series will be pleased by its return, even if it is a little half hearted attempt. This is the first time the series has ever had online which is truly brilliant. I feel like this is only for the fans of the series or fighting game fans. Hopefully though it will be a revival of the series as it has been dormant for far too long, just like Rival Schools.



Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
Release Date: US: 12/3/13 EU:13/3/13
Platforms: PS3 & Xbox 360 Digital: Yes
Game Cost: $14.99/£11.99 Rating: ESRB: T PEGI: 16
Players: 2
Online: Competitive: 2

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