Infamous Second Son2

At the Sony Playstation Conference, one of the new titles shown for the new PS4 system was the next installment in the Infamous series, “Infamous: Second Son” by Sucker Punch.

Infamous Second Son  takes place 7 years since the events of Infamous 2, now in fear that another “Cole McGrath” a walking WMD might come to be there has been a new task force the D.U.P.(Department of Unified Protection), to track down and detain any person with signs that they could be a  superhuman.  In the hopes that might prevent events that happened in Empire City and New Marais.

This new installment contains a new character, 24 yr old Delsin Rowe who believing he is destined for greatness but never quite able to achieve it, discovers his new found super powers the ability to direct, manipulate and even transform into smoke. But now realizing hew has super powers, he’s is now forced to go on the run, searching for fellow superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P.  Infamous: Second Son also takes place in a new location, Seattle, and also continues on the hero/anti hero decision system, with the choices Delsin makes along the way change the future of everyone around him.

The new game is also set to make you think about themes such as is your freedom truly worth being surrendered for security?

Here is the trailer shown at the Playstation Conference.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4050″]

Are you excited to see the new character and story for the next installment in the Infamous series? Let us know in the comments.