In 2011, Imangi Studios introduced us to Temple Run, the endless runner that had mobile gamers on the run from ancient monkey beasts on their treasure hunting adventures.  In January of 2013, the explorers return to steal the idol and make their getaway in Temple Run 2 on iOS and Android.

With the second entry in the series comes new obstacles and a new location, but the same addictive gameplay.  Is this enough for another look into the endless runner?



For those new to the Temple Run games, you are an Indiana Jones-like explorer who has captured an idol from an ancient temple, and is now being pursued by a skull-headed gorilla, rather than the three monkeys from the first game.  By swiping in different directions on your touchscreen, our hero can ride ziplines, jump over gaps and other ground obstacles, turn corners and slide under logs and fire jets.

In addition to the touch controls, which avoid most obstacles, tilting the device from side to side allows players to collect coins or to avoid falling off half-destroyed paths.  This tilt mechanic is also used in the mine cart sections, which involve tilting the cart to make turns and avoid broken tracks.

Coins collected can be used to level up powerup tokens, which are collected throughout the game and can help give the player certain advantages.  These tokens include a shield to help protect from obstacles, a magnet that collects coins easier, and a distance boost that will make your character faster and invulnerable for a time.  Another token that players can grab are gems, which can give players a second life at a price.

The controls are easy enough to grasp, and are completely logical.  In addition to the simple challenge of racking up a high score, there are also a series of achievements to tackle, which are just difficult to remain elusive for a time.  The game will be familiar to fans of the original, and players will quickly find it just as addictive.



There’s a new setting in Temple Run 2, and it has players running through a castle in the sky.  As a result, players can easily peer over the edge of their track and see the beautiful scenery around them.  The graphics are nothing spectacular, but they fit the feel of the game perfectly.  The four characters that players can choose from are all unique, and their running and jumping animations work well.  There can be some glitches in the game ending animations, particularly with camera angles.  These errors don’t happen often, and they probably won’t cause any issues with your game.



For the most part, there isn’t anything particularly special about the sound in Temple Run 2.  The soundtrack is a tribal-sounding drum beat,  though to be honest, most will probably play the game with their own music playing.  Each character does have their own unique voice, including grunts and screams.  The pursuing monster has its own growls, and failing to dodge some of the larger obstacles will be accompanied by a satisfying smack.  Its enough to give the game a little extra interest, but occasionally these sounds will simply feel out of place.


Final Thoughts:

For people who played and enjoyed the original Temple Run, it’s worth picking up Temple Run 2 just to fall for its addictiveness all over again.  For first time players, its a great entry in the endless runner genre,  and is going to claim a lot more addicts before its run ends.

Temple Run isn’t a perfect game, but it does have that something that makes it a lot of fun.  Most of its shortcomings are easily overlooked, and you’ll probably spend more time than you think making a break for it.



Publisher:  Imangi Studios  Developer:  Imangi Studios

Release Date:  Jan 16, 2013 (iOS) Jan 24, 2013 (Android)

Platforms:  iOS/Android  Digital: Yes

Game Cost:  Free  ESRB Rating:  N/A

Players:  1