Skyrim dragonborn

Bethesda‘s current Skyrim DLC will hit the PS3 for both North America and Europe regions soon with Dragonborn hitting this week.

Dragonborn is the first of the three to be to released this week with North America already received their’s yesterday , and today for Europe . Hearthfire will be arriving next week for N.A. February 19th, Europe on the 20th. Finally originally one the most troubling and seemed like wouldn’t come over Dawnguard will show up  on February 26th for N.A and 27th for Europe.

Also for the troubles and delay Bethesda is offering 50% off for each of the DLC for one week each, once each of the DLC is released on the PSN.

With PS3 finally receiving some Skyrim DLC, are you going to be buying it? Let us know in the comments below.