The Fragmentation Of The PSN

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Something you start to notice when you follow the game releases from both North America and Europe is the certain discrepancies between the two main regions.  Some games may take a little long to get across the Atlantic.  Such as Dyad or Retro City Rampage the latter only came out this Wednesday.  Some games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive hasn’t even been released over here.  Well to be far it has on Steam and Xbox Live just if you’re a European PS3 only,  owner than apparently you’re out of luck it would seem.  While this is more countries than Xbox Live currently operate in at least they generally get a game released across most countries. Even something as trivial as the Netflix app for PlayStation Vita has still not come out over here even though it was released just after the launch of the Vita.

Than it come to their video store which I personally don’t use as I prefer buying physical movies.  The video version of the store is currently not available in a lot of the countries that have the game version of the same store.

Finally we come to PlayStation Mobile which is only available in Australia,  Canada,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  UK and USA.  That is a total of 9 countries out of a total of 46.  While I’ll admit this is a new service Sony should really be looking at rolling out in more countries at a fast rate.  Especially as the service can only be accessed from certain Sony and HTC devices,  which make up only small section of total Android users let along an even smaller section of total smart phone users.

In a time when Sony is struggling financially perhaps they should consider merging the different regions of the PlayStation Network to make it is easier for the developers and publishers.  As well as making it easier for the consumer to know if a game is coming out.  I’m personally a little torn on the problem from some aspects,  I generally prefer the PS+ content that us Europeans get but hate having to wait a long time for a game to travel across the Atlantic.

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  • Scubafinch

    Good points. The PSN never comes off as a cohesive worldwide service. Especially as the attention to detail on both the EU blog and actual PSN updates can be pretty bad.

    We’re particularly overlooked here in Australia. Blog posts marketing upcoming downloadable titles will indicate that they will be released through all ‘EU’ territories, then the actual update post goes live and there are a host of “Not available in AU/NZ” against many.

    We now have an R18 classification but is seems that having a separate classification boards (for those not enforcing PEGI) and many localisation languages cause the majority of delays to EU. Additionally many developers simply don’t want to pay the classification fees in smaller markets as their potential sales don’t make it worthwhile; Derrick the Deathfin hasn’t been released here in Australia for that reason.

    I’m sure marketing is an issue as well. The advertising agencies used by Sony would vary by region and the timing and mechanics of each campaign would also have to be considered.

    Still, as long as the PS Plus content stays as good as it is, I’ll be happy to wait for delayed games, such as Persona 4 Golden… it’s not like I’ve run out of things to play!