god of war ascension legacy bundle

Sony has just announced that they are releasing a special limited edition God of War Ascension Legacy Bundle.

The bundle which can see in the image above comes with a lot of great content, first it comes with the 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 system, and the whole God of War storyline; yes all 6 games.  The bundle will contain all previous God of War games from the series with the God of War Saga bundle and also the brand new God of War: Ascension.  Not only that but you will also get a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. vThis collector’s bundle will release same day as God of War Ascension on March 12th.

Looks like a great deal for those who looking to upgrade their current PS3 and or looking for another one to have.

So let us know in the comments of you will be picking up this new God of War Bundle…