Soul Sacrafice Box cover

Many of us eager fans who have been waiting for a release date reveal since the announcement of Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice, of when it  will be coming to North America.  Well the wait is finally over, but not only has a release date been announced,we  also have the final box art for soul sacrifice as seen above and some extra pre-order bonuses we will get with the game.

Soul Sacrifice will release on April, 30th, 2012 for the PS Vita both retail and also with a digital release on Playstation Network (PSN) in North America. Also for our Europe friends will get it the following day May 1st.

Soul Sacrafice Pre Order

Fans who opt in for pre-ordering Soul Sacrifice will get an exclusive pack of in-game content — that seems it will not be sold anywhere else.

  • Two (2) Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three (3) Magic Items to aid players in battle:
  • Spirits’ Flamepike – Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits, unleashing a five hit combo attack with heat effects
  • Spirits’ Blightstone – Explosive stones with poison effects provided by the spirits
  • Spirits’ Fulgurwood – Root provided by the Thunder spirits. Tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell

Also there is another sweet bonus for those who pre-order the game and feel more immersive to listen to Japanese audio tracks.  Which is what you get if you pre-order the game for free.

While the costume and items DLC will not be sold separately, the bonus audio pack will be, but the only way to have it free at launch is to pre-order the game.

Lead Keiji Inafune was so excited to finally reveal the release date that he had something special to say:

I’m excited that we are finally able to announce the release date of Soul Sacrifice. I have put all my passion and soul into the game’s concept and my talented team has made an incredible effort to create the best game it could ever be. I’m confident that we’ve created an extremely engaging game that you will enjoy playing.

The game has become nothing like any other game with an original and deep world settings which could only be possible in a dark fantasy environment. I’m looking forward to you being able to experience the unique adventure of real heroism in Soul Sacrifice. Immerse yourself in the world of Soul Sacrifice and have fun playing it!

 – Keiji Inafune, Conceptor and CEO – comcept, Inc.
I’m very excited to finally get a release date and can’t wait to play Soul Sacrifice on the Vita, especially when you have the  contributions of legends of gaming like designer Keiji Inafune or composer Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama who create this interesting Intellectual Property (IP).
Is anyone else excited and or going to pre-order Soul Sacrifice? Let us know in the comments.