Recently I saw a lot of backlash to the recent version of Devil May Cry or DMC as it calls itself.  Why are fans so much against the change of this series?  Well we as humans like familiarity,  we sometimes don’t deal well with change,  Just look at your friend’s status updates on Facebook any time they tweak or alter the website in some way.

The fact of the matter is that Devil May Cry already saw four games,  is there a real need for a fifth game in the story.  The series already has four games and an anime series which is more than most games ever get.

Some people, myself included, don’t like jumping into a series part way,  not everyone has the luxury or time to play through all of the previous installments, especially with a lot of amazing titles coming out all of the time.  An easy example to make is DC comics new 52,  offering people a way to join in from the start of a series.  Sales for those comic books were some of the best they had in ages.

Series reinvent themselves all of the time.  Classic characters you know and love will be reinvented for another generation.  I grew up on the classic 1990’s Spider-Man animated series.  I have a clear,  strong attachment to that version of the character.  It was one of the main reasons I bought Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time,  to have who I think is the best Spider-Man back in the role.  Now a new generation will grow up loving the current version of the character.

If you really love that version of the character then go back and play through those games again.  Maybe you’ll discover something new that you didn’t notice before.  Perhaps look at this new game as just that,  a new game and not as part of the existing series.

While Dante may not be as you remember him, it is a continuation of a series that could otherwise fall onto the pile of forgotten games.  Games that a lot of people love will not receive a new version or a reboot.  They will be left lost maybe forever.

All I have to say is rest in peace Rival Schools.