God of War Ascensions storyline takes place six months after Kratos was tricked by Ares into killing the only two people he ever cared about and loved, leaving Kratos standing over the dead bodies of his wife and daughter, with his hands stained of their blood.  With Kratos swearing to avenge them, he has broken the blood oath that had bound him to Ares…but oaths to Olympus are not so easily broken.

Below is a quick teaser trailer only giving a quick 30 second view into the single player storyline of God of War Ascension with more info coming as we get to its March 12 release date.  Also, in late February there will be a full-fledged single player demo.

[jwplayer mediaid=”2209″]


The Ascension Collector’s Edition

god of war ascension ce

For those who have already pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition for Ascension, here an image showing you final look of the collectors box and statue, and of course placing atop your shrine to God of War.  If you somehow haven’t known yet as can see also comes with the official game soundtrack, 48 hours mp xp booster, PS3 dynamic theme, and a PSN avatar Pack.

Fore those multiplayer Beta Warriors, remember you can receive your Gifts from the Gods on launch day. god of war ascension beta bonus

This Multiplayer Beta bonus, the “gift from the Gods” will be given to every player who has taken part of the God of War Ascencion Multiplayer Beta.  So if you want to be able to receive this Multiplayer Beta Bonus goodies, you will have to go and download the beta, if haven’t yet, and join the Beta.  Even though the beta was originally an exclusive thing for PS Plus users, it is now an open beta using the code F2TA – HMNB – 762G until Monday when servers shut down Monday night at midnight PST.

Also for those who want a funny how to guide for the Multiplayer, the master humorists at Penny Arcade have created for us with what can only be described as “the most informative Ascension Multiplayer Guide of all-time… in good fun.”  We don’t take that statement lightly, and neither should you.  So it does seem that they mean business, and not just funny business — at least 10% serious business.  Some of the Ascension strategy guide epic, “Book of Divine Wisdom,” are already available on the official site. So click on the link and head over to the site to check it out, and be sure to keep checking back, as more pages will be added.

god of war ascension bood of divine wisom

If you believe this is still not enough information and want to see more, don’t worry, as Sony Santa Monica has revealed: “We’ve got plenty more, so let this whet your appetites and start counting down the days to March 12.” Also you can go on twitter and to reply to this tweet:

If you could ask Kratos ANY question about #GodofWar Ascension SP or MP, what would it be? He will select his favs for a special video

What did you think of the trailer?  Will you be picking up the collectors edition?  I know it is one of many I will be and for only $80 which is not bad price.  Also for those who played the beta what are your experiences? Let us know in the comments below.