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Back in April 2012 I had recently finished watching season two of The Walking Dead TV show and which I knew I had have to wait till late 2012 so instead of waiting for the show I decided I would start reading the comics.  I’ll admit I got a little bit addicted to those comics, quickly going through volume after volume then once I got to the end I still wanted more Walking Dead,  then I saw the game, I quickly picked it up.

The game takes place within the comic book continuity and not the TV show.  You will meet a few characters from the series that fans of both will know of,  but it follows a completely different plot that you will decide on how it turns out.  The graphical style takes a part from the comic books,  though it is not in black and white.

I’ll try to keep this review spoiler free for the most part.  You start off as Lee Everett in the back of a cop car,  being taken to prison for some unknown reason.  Then all of a sudden a car crashes into your car taking you off road.  Once you wake up from being knocked out by the car crash you soon come to realise that you are not alone,  these people are not human and you must escape from them.

You eventually stumble upon an empty house but you’ll soon realise that a little girl by the name of Clementine has been left all alone there waiting for her parents to arrive back home.  Lee decides to adopt this little girl to look after her and help her find her parents.  Throughout the series you will develop a strong bond to this little girl which is unlike most other games.


The Walking Dead is not a classic point and click adventure game but there are slight elements of it,  in some of the places.  For the most part you won’t have to rub every item in your inventory against everything.  One it does have moments of a point and click adventure it is a little more obvious than some games.

There is one part in the game that really took me out of the experience in the first episode.  You’ll meet a character called Carley who can’t seem to get a radio working,  on inspection of the radio you will find it needs batteries,  fair enough that could easily be missed.  After a little bit of searching around you bring the batteries back to her only to find the radio still doesn’t work.  She had managed to put both of the batteries in the wrong way.  While this isn’t story destroying it did make me stop for a moment.

Moments in the story,  do feel like they are a way to funnel you down a path and to get rid of certain options.  I know that the story has a certain direction it is going to follow regardless but some elements of the story don’t carry as much weight when you release they meant nothing in the long run.

One thing The Walking Dead is known for is that it is just managing to survive every day in a world overridden with zombies.  Characters you have grown attached to will die,  so never play this game if you’re feeling a little depressed because I assure you it will make you feel worse.  Characters you’ve grown attached to will die no matter what,  The Walking Dead is not about humans triumphing over the zombies, it is just trying to stay alive.

Having the user making the decision give them a lot more weight and it will feel more tailored to you.  Part of the fun was after each episode to find out what other people decided.  You will have to decide quickly as you only have a limited amount of time.  This in turn ranks up the tension.


Almost never can you say that a games voice acting is superb across the board.  There isn’t a weak character in the entire cast.  The music suits the mood perfectly, again not a problem with it at all. Every piece really hammers home the emotional impact of each scene.

The game definitely has some graphical glitches.  One time the camera just fell through the world and I had to reload my game back up.  That was the only time that it broke for me.  Some people could be taken out of the overall experience,  but they never feel too intrusive to me.  For the most part that game runs fine.

There are very few games that I have felt a personal connection to.  It really plays on my paternal instincts.  I look forward to seeing what Telltale games has next up their selves.

Review Score 9.5

Platforms: PlayStation 3 (Xbox 360, iOS, Windows, Mac OS)

 Publisher/Developer: Telltale Games

Release Date: First Episode: 25th April 2012 – Last Episode: 21st November 2012

Price: PSN:$19.99 – £15.99