Podcast: Episode 1 – Introductions

By timdog350 On 14 Jan, 2013 At 07:52 PM | Categorized As Podcast | With 0 Comment

*** Episode 1 is now LIVE ***


Welcome to Episode 1.  We are not without our issues, but we will be resolving them as we go about doing this.  Thanks for your patience and your support.

This week we introduce ourselves, talk about what we are playing, a small Vita discussion, Give you our gaming Bios, STILL Looking for writers, we do our Shout-outs and then we close the show.

About - I am an avid gamer and I play about 15-25 hours a week. I have been passionate about games since I was little. My first home console was a PONG light game and have been playing video games since. Actually, any type of game from Board Games to Word Games are not of my radar. I will play just about anything, but Racing games are my favorite.