January, 2013

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Sony Teaser

Well now!  Here’s something coming completely out of left field from Sony.  Our friends over at The Official PlayStation Blog just put a teaser video up just under an hour ago with really no info…except a date at the end of the trailer.  February 20th,  2013 is the little tid-bit of information we get for […]

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killzone mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary has finally gotten a release date with the North American version coming out on September 17th and September 18th for Europe.  There’s also a lot of info announced about the game including some of the story: “When a seemingly routine mission to evacuate the Vektan Ambassador and his family in Pyrrhus goes awry, […]

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Ninja gaiden sigma plus 2

The team behind the Ninja Gaiden seires, Tecmo  has revealed some new info coming of the latest port to the PlayStation Vita, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2.  New to the PlayStation Vita are new modes known as Ninja Race and Tag Missions.  What also has been talked about are the new weapons and some special […]

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Alan Wake: American Nightmare: A psychological Thrill… er… Alan Wake:  American Nightmare is the second game of Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake series.  It takes place after the events in Alan Wake.  American Nightmare is a third person shooter game where you take control of the writer Alan Wake as he travels through a world over […]

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EA has released their first public gameplay trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 3: End Game DLC, and wow are they jaw dropping. The first trailer shows off  a first look at the all-new agile dirtbike as well as extensive Capture the Flag action plus a special little teaser to the next trailer featuring the second […]

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This weeks episode we have an interesting Intro, What we are playing, News Items, Our Question of the Week, Amy comes to us from a cave (she has an echo) and talks about League of Legends, Tim drinks coffee (lots), Edward tells us about the WiiU, MechWarrior Online.  We also have our Shoutouts and Edward […]

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  I still feel like that in most games when I am I higher level!

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When I first saw ZombiU released for the Wii U on launch day I have to admit I wasn’t excited too for the game at all.  As my time with the Wii U grew I began looking into playing different games that have been out.  I remembered ZombiU and decided to contact Ubisoft for a […]

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Soul Sacrafice

Many of us eager fans who have been waiting for a release date reveal since the announcement of Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice, of when it  will be coming to North America.  Well the wait is finally over, but not only has a release date been announced,we  also have the final box art for soul sacrifice […]

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